Good, bad, badgood. Thanks for the request, @bjnovak.
  1. Luc Lac
    Insanely delicious Vietnamese, open late. Pho broth that could legally be called "restorative" without being hyperbolic.
  2. Apizza Scholls
    Pizza so good they can close early whenever they feel like it.
  3. The Deck
    Seasonal restaurant (April to October) in McCuddy's Marina at 33rd and Marine Drive. Crowd is such an interesting mixed bag, but it seems to be a favorite spot for cool older lesbians with boats. The food is honestly pretty bad, but it's one of my favorite places in the world. When I ordered a shot of Fireball there one night my waitress said "Fly, little bird! You're going to have an amazing night!" and it felt like the nicest thing anyone had ever said to me. Logo visors only $3!
  4. Teote
    Mostly Colombian. Delicious arepas, bomb margaritas and other mixed drinks made with aguas frescas. One of the best/most chill outdoor seating areas in town.
  5. Taste Tickler
    Small weird sub shop run by a nice family. Near a high school, so it's always full of lanky/sullen teens. They have old Far Side cartoons pasted to a big sheet of paper that is framed. Good sandwiches!
  6. Bunk Bar
    Year-round frozen margarita machine, good tortilla chips!
  7. Namaste
    Very above average Indian buffet next to a Howard Johnson by the airport. I have my birthday party there every year! They're so nice and don't charge to host groups in the bar, but treat you as if you paid a lot to rent the room. Only bummer: they remodeled the bar last year and it's not all weird and 70s anymore/there's no dance floor. The whole restaurant also used to be old west/logging themed, but most of that is gone now.
  8. Grassa
    Crazy good pasta. I like the Aglio e Olio. Simple and perfect.
  9. Firehouse
    Their fried cauliflower with lemon creme fraiche is one of the best foods anywhere. Very good wood-fired pizza.
  10. Swagat
    The Beaverton location is better. It's in a little house by Target.
  11. Overlook Family Restaurant
    Never wait in line for brunch or pay more than $4 for a Bloody Mary ever again. A good mix of decent diner food, good/classic service, career alcoholics, nice neighborhood folks, and people who just wandered in.
  12. Interurban
    Expensive food that is supposed to be humble, but is still very delicious. Grilled broccollini was delicious. Great steak. Enjoyed the faro salad way more than expected.
  13. Luis' Taqueria
    Near the outlet mall in Woodburn. Some of the best Mexican food I've ever had! It's always packed. The chile relleno is insane, as is the chimichanga.
  14. World Foods
    Deli with great middle eastern food.
  15. Pok Pok/Whiskey Soda Lounge
    Great wings. Great everything.
  16. Rocco's
    The worst, most yeasty/terrible stoner pizza place that used to be across from Powell's. Had a very large and out-of-place decorative basket hanging on the wall, a huge pinball machine that took up most of the seating area, and played Metal exclusively. Convenient walking distance from my high school made it a good place to go when skipping assemblies. Closed in 2011.
  17. Country Cat
    Very good traditional American. Better fried chicken then all the places that supposedly have great fried chicken.
  18. PaaDee
    Very good Thai. ADD A FRIED EGG.
  19. Authentica
    Very good authentic Mexican food. On New Year's Eve they gave out party hats!
  20. Shigezo Izakaya
    Excellent ramen.