These are some things that little kids said.
  1. "I don't care if I break my leg, I just wanna have fun."
  2. "I can't see my face with my face."
  3. "I like beautiful things and cool things."
  4. "That thing that looks like a white taco is the moon."
  5. "So are you a biker girl, a dreamy girl, or a beach girl?"
  6. "I'm thankful for my tent and myself. Goodbye."
  7. "Give me all your cool money."
  8. "Old people are really tired of their life."
  9. "You gotta live as an iceberg before you realize it's better to squish yourself up and live as a Slurpee."
  10. "Love isn't all there is! There's spider webs and capes and brooms!"
  11. "I'm tough and I'm rude."
  12. "Being a grown up is boring because you have to go to Crossfit."
  13. "The food at McDonalds has chemicals in it. I love the food at McDonalds."
  14. "It's awesome at jail." "No, it's NOT awesome."
  15. "Bad guys aren't really bad, they just make bad choices."
  16. "It's pretend, and pretend's real."
  17. "Everything is not what I want."
  18. "She's just so fun! I just wanna marry her so bad!"
  19. "We did some glitters, and it was special."
  20. "Being happy is actually a good thing."
  21. "I know a fake guy, I made him up."
  22. "Hey, no one tell me what to do."