1. This one:
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  2. "Alright team, this is our 37th consecutive quarter in the red. Dressbarn needs a new image! Let’s brainstorm and see if we can’t come up with a different direction for the company."
  3. "I’ve been told that women buy dresses because they want to feel pretty."
  4. "Right. The thing is, people just don't like barns. They aren't … sexy."
  5. "Well, we could change our name?"
  6. "We could … we totally could.”
  7. “So like, what else could be full of dresses?"
  8. "A silo!"
  9. "Yes! Dresssilo! No."
  10. “I’ve got it: Dressranch!”
  11. “No. Let’s get away from the farm stuff.”
  12. "Dresswarehouse?"
  13. “Dressdumpster.”
  14. "Dressbucket!"
  15. "NOT sexy."
  16. "Hmm …. you know what? I say fuck it. Let's just stick with barn, and if they don't like it they can just get their dresses somewhere else!"
  17. "Yeah! We don't need a new image, we need a new attitude. ‘Dressbarn: fuck you. Buy our barn dresses or don't, you idiots!’"
  18. "It's good, but it needs a chicken."