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  1. I'm Leslie.
  2. Reading and book hoarding are my passions. You have to call it hoarding when the books are climbing the walls, right?
  3. I have a new puppy named Magnolia.
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Recent reads that I just can't get out of my head.
  1. I love this book so hard! I read it a year ago and I am not done thinking about it. It's one of only a handful of books in my lifetime that I have finished and then immediately flipped back to the beginning and started again. Weird, that a book about death row contains such radiance and ultimately, such hope.
  2. I don't read much, if any fantasy. This single book may have changed that. Agnieszka is village girl who is unexpectedly chosen as a sacrifice to the mysterious, Dragon who rules her people. While struggling to adjust to her new circumstances, Agnieszka becomes a fierce, badass woman in her own right. My kind of story.
  3. Joan Aiken is one of my very favorite authors. When I heard that there was a new collection of her short stories available, I became instantly obsessed with getting my hands on it and reading it.
  1. Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald- Gordon Lightfoot
    One winter day, as a pre-teen I played the 45 single of this plodding, never-ending song about shipwreck on the Great Lakes incessantly until I knew every word. I regularly pay for this love of melodrama with a two-week incessant concert. A high price to pay for being a teenage emo geek.
  2. Opposites Attract- Paula Abdul
    No one should have Paula Abdul chasing a cartoon cat in their head. No one.
  3. Henry the VIII I Am- Herman's Hermits
    My mind has all the humor sense of an 11 year-old boy.
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