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If you do these during a lecture or discussion I silently seethe at you for the rest of the semester (or until I am distracted by a MORE unforgivable act)
  1. Bringing a multi-course, noisy or particularly pungent meal to class
    Why are you eating a Cajun chicken burrito in a statistics lecture? 85% of my focus has already deteriorated and you're not helping. If you had time to go to Qdoba you probably had time to eat it before class too
  2. Taking a phone call
    I don't care if you're sitting in the last row. Not only will I begin to wonder if you were raised in a barn, but you will hamper my learning by unwittingly engrossing me in your conversation with your mom about your wayward cousin's upcoming wedding
  1. Loud, slightly argumentative but good-natured conversations in the car with my family
  1. Paying other people to do things I could probably learn to do myself
    I refuse to learn how to jumpstart a car
  2. Planning social media posts months in advance
    If you want me to advertise your brand or product, I would be open to planning an editorial calendar with you
  3. Writing quick thank you notes that are also sincere. Or seem sincere
    Partly because I hate feeling indebted, partly thanks to having a mother from below the Mason-Dixon Line
  4. Creating Spotify playlists that reflect a particular persona I'd like to cultivate
    Useful for interview about "my perfect playlist" or "Leslie's ultimate workout mix" that I will parlay into a new public image