I'm impressed... I wouldn't consider myself a "Halloween person" and I would go as far as to say I HATE dressing up now. These are the costumes I REMEMBER wearing, in consecutive order.
  1. Wonder Woman
    This costume was actually pajamas
  2. OU Cheerleader
    Because why not...
  3. Dorthy
    Wizard of Oz was my favorite movie.
  4. A Witch
    I had a next door neighbor that I loved growing up. She loved Halloween so my dad would jokingly tell her she was a witch. I decided to honor her and dress up as one that year.
  5. Shannon Miller
    Because she was awesome and she was from Oklahoma.
  6. A Sock Hop girl
    Because a poodle skirt, a scarf, red lip stick, and a pair of black and white oxfords.
  7. A Hobo
    I was 12... I showed up to my first boy/girl Halloween party with Vaseline and coffee grounds on my face. Seriously, this happened... a total Mean Girls moment.
  8. Princess Jasmin
    I was much older than you would think when I did this one. I wore a top that was cropped... It was my first and last "sexy Halloween" costume.
  9. Hippie
    I made my own necklace out of beads that had a peace sign pendant.
  10. Cindy Brady
    I ended up looking more like Britney Spears in the "...Baby One More Time" video.
  11. A Butterfly
    Just wanted a reason to do cute face paint .
  12. A Rubik's Cube
    I couldn't fit through a door with it on.
  13. A Hipster Pocahontas
    Group costume... I showed up with Hipster Ariel and Hipster Snow White // I had a badass Phoenix chest piece tattoo.