Not sure this was the list you were looking for, but this was hard!!!
  1. There's not much I mind being asked in a group.
    The things I do mind are things that seem inappropriate for that particular group.
  2. But a person will probably get a much different answer in a group setting compared to one on one.
    I will for sure make a lot more jokes about whatever it is, even if something serious. I usually like to laugh and goof off more in groups.
  3. "How are you doing?" in a group setting
    Will get a "good, been busy... work's crazy."
  4. "How are you doing?" one on one
    Will get a "things are good, work has been..., God has been..., relationships have been..."
  5. It's more about how much a person wants to know rather than the questions that are asked.
  6. It should be noted that the one on one situation is not with someone I'm just meeting, and also probably only if I feel like the person is genuinely wanting to know those things. :)