1. The Office
    Repeatedly rewatch episodes. Classic. Funny. Genius.
  2. Narcos
    Netflix has been killing it lately and this show is amazing.
  3. Parks and Rec
    Was my rebound after I finished the office. Still love it and rewatch episodes.
  4. Law and Order:SVU
    I love psychopaths and really twisted scenarios. Also the lawyers and detectives are super bad ass.
  5. How I Met Your Mother
    Funny and creative
  6. Mad Men
    The only time I ever thought smoking and drinking looked cool and suave.
  7. Orange is the New Black
    Love the diversity, drama and humor
  8. New Girl
    Really chill and funny
  9. Chef's Table
    Really cool and interesting. Food is art.
  10. Prison Break
    I admit there was a decline in plot quality in the later seasons but was obsessed with this show in middle school.