Messed Up Stories I Wrote as a Child

I wanted to be an author when I was younger and wrote a lot of books in my free time. Often with pictures.
  1. The Lousy Life of Louis
    Intended to be funny but actually quite tragic story of a boy who was poor, made fun of a lot, and had few friends (wrote in 3rd-4th grade)
  2. The mistreated dog
    Story about a dog who was neglected and abused by owners but the dog somehow learned how to use a typewriter and wrote a letter to the police. The swat team busted in their house and arrested the parents, the children got sent to an orphanage and the dog lived a happy life (wrote in 2nd grade)
  3. The whale, the frog, the mermaid, and me
    Story about family that goes fishing at a lake 10 hours away and a boy sees a whale eat a frog. The boy jumps in the lake to save the frog and finds himself swallowed by the whale. He sees a mermaid in the stomach with the frog. When he is finally released he sees that his whole family has abandoned him and gone home. He walks to the nearest house to get home and walks in the door to see his whole family eating ice cream and immediately falls asleep from exhaustion. (Wrote in first grade)
  4. The girl it had a bag
    First story I ever wrote- preschool-kindergarten. Word for word: The girl it had a bag. The girl it loved the bag. The girl it did not like the bag. The girl threw the bag away. The end