I had 4 impacted teeth that needed to get removed. I decided to only do local anesthesia (novocaine) with no laughing gas. I was worried about this because everyone seems to get general anesthesia but it was definitely doable!
  1. Surgery: about 45 minutes
    You can eat beforehand with local anesthesia. I brought music to listen to (Hamilton) but it doesn't help distract you that much since there's so much going on. I had about 9-10 novocaine shots (which were kind of annoying). You shouldn't be able to feel any pain, just a lot of pressure. You raise your hand if you feel something and he gave me an extra Novocain shot. You can hear your teeth cracking and feel him wedging them out but overall surgery was okay!
  2. Night of surgery
    I didn't feel any pain because I was numb and then took some pain medication to ease the transition. He prescribed me Vicodin which I felt fine with at first but then I started getting a lot of nausea and dizziness. I threw up 4 times and felt really sick. (I'm not Dr. House lol) The side effects lasted about 8 hours for me. I also recommend sleeping sitting up to prevent too much swelling.
  3. Helpful tip: you need to Ice a lot the first couple of days. Cut the sleeves off a shirt (button up shirts work really well). Sew them together at one end and you can put two ice packs in (one in each sleeve). Put it around your face and tie the ends of the sleeves at the top of your head to keep in place.
  4. Day 2
    My gums and face are quite swollen. It hurts to open my mouth and my gums are sore. Took advil and don't feel pain, just discomfort. I've just been sitting all day and watching tv. Only ate soup, apple sauce, juice, and ice cream. Not quite ready for soft foods because I can't even close my mouth.
  5. Day 3
    My face and gums are still very swollen but I can talk more clearly now and open my mouth wider. My gums feel like I'm teething and I have the urge to chew on something. Pain was manageable with Advil. Still only able to eat liquids. I'm starting to crave carbs and real food :( it's Christmas and I just want to eat a slice of pizza.
  6. Day 4
    I feel even more swollen on my left side which I didn't know was possible. I have a lot of jaw pain and it hurts to touch my jaw. My face is literally a balloon. I think my gums are doing okay...I've been sleeping sitting up these past few days. I'm still on a liquid diet. I definitely have a loss of appetite.
  7. Day 5
    I woke up with no jaw pain for the first time! I definitely feel better and a little less swollen. I ate solid food for the first time today (mashed potatoes and eggs) I'm very paranoid about getting food stuck in my gums.
  8. Day 6
    Gums feel like I need to teethe. I still can't really close my mouth all the way. I slept for most of the day because I felt really tired (probably from my poor diet). I've been eating more solid soft foods which has been better. My gums will randomly bleed a little bit and it gives me anxiety that I'm going to go get dry socket lol which is like impossible at this point but still 😳😭 I'm still swollen but significantly less than before.
  9. Day 7
    I can kind of close my mouth! Still have swelling in the gums but my face is almost completely back to normal. I feel pretty much no pain. The sutures in my gums are kind of annoying though.
  10. Day 8
    I can close my mouth completely and swelling is pretty much almost gone :) I lost a good amount of weight from not eating much. I got them checked by the doctor and he says I can eat all foods now (just need to flush out gums after)