1. The story about your grandparents harrowing survival of one of the most odious episodes of bigotry in human history is moving, but it's not enough. Trump’s words preach exclusion and insulation -- which is racist and ignorant.
    Just because it's not as bad as the Nazis does not make it absolutely not racist or ignorant. It isn't black and white; there are shades of gray.
  2. You do not get the have it both ways. You defend Trump because you know him in private so you know that his bombastic public self isn't his heart. If you are going to judge him based solely on his private life, and you expect others to do the same, you must also extend the same courtesy to Clinton.
    You must also say that she "might be crooked" in a professional capacity, but she's a loving mother and grandmother, also accepting of an in-law of a different faith, so we should judge her by those standards.
  3. You say that Trump unequivocally supports Israel because he was quick to say so at a rally without the need of a speech or a teleprompter. Unfortunately, surprisingly, the standard for judging politicians' authenticity is not as easy as spotting a teleprompter.
    Trump was not always this supportive, and it has been reported that you were the one to coach him on how to discuss Israel. Now you say it's authentic. Something does not add up.
  4. You say that Trump is held to an impossible standard, because the media criticized him for not disavowing the support of a prominent racist quickly enough. That is untrue. Trump never, ever, denounced David Duke. It was never a matter of speed, it was about disavowing. Period.
    It is akin to Palin being asked about what newspapers she reads: potentially a biased question because no one else is being asked this, but also inexcusable because the response should have been so easy that it's a throwaway.
  5. You say that the media conflate Trump supporters with Trump but does not do so with Sanders. That is untrue. Simply look at the "Bernie bro" stereotype. Furthermore, we are not judging Trump based on his supporters; we judge based on him alone.
    We see his criticism of a Hispanic judge because of his race. We see his desire to punish women for exercising their constitutional rights. We see him using a known white supremacist slogan despite repeated warnings of their connotations. We see how he wants to ban whole swaths of immigrants out of unsubstantiated fears. We do not need to look at his supporters. We have him.
  6. You say Trump is a Rorschach test where people project what they want onto him. That is a true statement...of all politicians. It is not a curse particular to your father in law.