Breakfast Items: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

  1. Good: French toast
    Fluffy. Sweet. Versatile. Perfect
  2. Bad: pancakes
    So...bland. They're just circles of dough, dipped in syrup. Where's the fun in that? Those things better be doused in chocolate for them to be good.
  3. Ugly: bodega egg and cheese sandwiches
    Oily, wrapped in tin foil, and bursting with artery-clogging deliciousness
  4. Good: bagel with lox and cream cheese
    I'm a New Yorker, I'm partial. But a good New York bagel + hefty schmear + salty chewiness of lox = a very good morning for me
  5. Bad: chicken and waffles
    I don't understand how to reconcile the syrup necessary for the waffles with the fried chicken. I love waffles and fried chicken separately, but can't get my head around them together
  6. Ugly: eggs benedict
    They look good until you cut into the poached egg. All that yolk and hollandaise just swimming around your plate. At least it tastes good.
  7. Good: Dutch baby pancakes
    Regular pancakes are bad. But these babies (ha) are the opposite.
  8. Bad: hash
    Maybe it's because I'm not big on potatoes besides tater tots. Maybe it's because I like sweet breakfasts more than savory breakfasts. But this is
  9. Ugly: quiche
    No matter what great ingredients you put into them, they just look like dried up pie with a weirdly crisp top
  10. Good: cereal
    Can't go wrong with a childhood classic
  11. Bad: oatmeal
    Cereal gone wrong. It's tasteless, mushy, boring, AND ugly. I live down the street from Oatmeals, and I cannot fathom a restaurant that sells only oatmeal. Typical West Village
  12. Ugly: congee
    It's really really really soft rice. In soup. With any ingredients you want. I love it, some don't. But even I won't say it looks the most welcoming.