Classic movies that never get old for me

  1. Roman Holiday
    My favorite movie. The movie that made me fall in love with Audrey Hepburn. Gregory Peck is beautiful and charming. Rome is scenic. Audrey's wardrobe (esp the shirt and skirt and scarf combo she sports to go incognito, and the final lace ensemble for the press conference) is perfection. That sad ending gets me every time, where I'm wishing for her to run out of nowhere when Joe Bradley exits the palace.
  2. Sabrina
    Really, her charm is infectious. Her wardrobe is again so lovely (that black and white dress! Even her black sweater and pants!). Her hair is too perfect for words.
  3. How to Steal a Million
    Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole play off each other very very well.
  4. Charade
    I liked this far more than I expected. Audrey's character is very sassy here. And the dramatic twists are a nice change of pace from her usual gamine roles.
  5. The Philadelphia Story
    The scenes between James Stewart and Katharine Hepburn truly stand out for me. It's always refreshing to see a (relatively) strong female character in an old movie.
  6. Gone With the Wind
    This is pretty much THE classic movie. It's epic, it's romantic, it's tragic, it's dramatic.
  7. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
    For as much as you don't know why Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman are fighting in the beginning, you still feel compelled to keep going. They bring real drama and emotion to the screen. And they're both easy on the eyes.
  8. Casablanca
    Take it back — this is THE classic movie. Inspector Reinault is my favorite character here. Words can't do this movie justice. This and Roman Holiday are the two movies all potential SO's must watch. You don't get to attach yourself to me without these movies in your repertoire.