Film Formalwear: Fancy Dresses From Movies I Lust After

  1. Superman Returns
    Not a great movie, but Lois Lane had some great power suits. The gown she wore to accept her Pulitzer takes the cake though, with its flowy-ness and pop of color
  2. Lord of the Rings
    It isn't out of the realm of possibility that seeing Arwen's medieval gowns as a young child sparked my interest in medieval history
  3. House of Flying Daggers
    Yes, no one wears this. Yes, she's a pretend prostitute. But this is gorgeous anyway.
  4. Atonement
    Was and continues to be one of the best moments in cinema fashion I've seen
  5. The Philadelphia Story
    Those shoulders! Those sequins! Who says you have to show skin to make an impact?
  6. High Society
    A cheap knockoff of "Philadelphia Story," but the fashion wasn't kidding around.
  7. Casino Royale
    Vesper knew how to wow a formal/well-dressed crowd at a shady fancy casino
  8. Skyfall
    Severine is every inch the femme fatale
  9. The Princess Bride
    Rich, yet innocent
  10. Inception
    Marion Cotillard works that sequined-yet-understated + covered-yet-sexy look
  11. Sabrina
    The dress of my dreams. And inspiration for my adventures with a pixie cut
  12. How to Marry a Millionaire
    Fur and flowers might be weird, but that color and shape isn't kidding around
  13. Princess Diaries
    Sparkly ballgowns are always a winner in my book
  14. Moulin Rouge
    Nicole Kidman was gorgeous. The movie was heartbreaking. And this was THE outfit one must wear when breaking someone else's heart against your will.
  15. Rear Window
    For some reason, this dress isn't the one most people think of when they think about this movie. But it should be.