1. The Son of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon
    He died after a few months. Catherine would never give birth to a healthy son, and the only child of the couple was a daughter, "Bloody" Mary. Henry decided women can't run a country (traumatized by Matilda and The Anarchy), so he wanted a new wife. Problem? Catholicism doesn't allow for divorce. Solution? Create the Anglican Church. All because this son didn't survive.
  2. French Revolution villagers
    In the beginning, King Louis XVI wasn't hated. People just wanted to talk to him, believing that he would save them once they tell them their problems. Louis didn't feel the same way, and he hoped to flee France to Austria and seek their help to invade France. But one villager recognized the king based on his profile from French currency. The royal family was caught, the people turned against them, the king and queen were beheaded, and France was never the same.
  3. Madame Du Barry
    The Diamond Necklace Scandal was one of the biggest events leading up to the French Revolution, as it was the epitome of the royals' extravagance. But the necklace at the center of it all was commissioned for Mme. Du Barry, mistress of Louis XIV...but he died before it was finished, and she was eventually unable to pay for it. So the jewelers needed another buyer. Enter a complex web of swindlers, prostitutes, and clueless cardinals.
  4. Crown Prince Rudolf
    Only son and heir of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria. Committed suicide in a murder-suicide pact with his mistress, leaving FJ without a direct heir. That vacuum led to Archduke Franz Ferdinand being named the heir, and his assassination was the cause of WWI and the transformation of Europe
  5. Katherine Johnson
    She was an African American woman in the 60s, which meant she faced more disadvantages than most people will ever be able to comprehend. But she was such a mathematical genius that during John Glen's orbit around the Earth, he personally asked for her, regarding the calculations for the mission.