Met Ball 2016: Manus X Machina

Because my thoughts on fashion are obviously gospel
  1. Is SJP....colonial?
    It would fit the "manus" half of the theme
  2. I'm so over the side cutout/panel trend
  3. That subtle train 👌🏼
  4. That amazing train 😍
  5. No
  6. Bee and Anna, killing it like always
  7. I really like this
  8. Kinda retro/90's, but in a good way
  9. Somehow, she makes this look tasteful and elegant
  10. this risqué Cinderella?
  11. Alicia, you're so pretty. Why did you do this?
    I omitted the combat boots because the dress was bad enough
  12. Classic. On theme. Just simply beautiful.
  13. Oddly captivating. Definitely fits the theme, though. Points for creativity with the headpiece.
  14. Leave it to Karolina Kurkova to bring the glamour
    I had to cut off her head so you could appreciate the back and the train. The drama!!
  15. I like Saoirse. I want to like this dress. But I can't.
  16. There are many things wrong with this. And you didn't even see the combat boots.
  17. This dress is lovely
    Except Jennifer Connelly paired it with combat boots. Why.
  18. A lot of drama, but somehow dowdy?
  19. I kinda like Willow's coat
    But I don't get why these kids are a thing
  20. Jourdan, stop it. You're amazing.
  21. Nicole Kidman is flawless
  22. The front of the skirt looks like folded napkins, but I like the concept
  23. Idris Elba in a tux: always yes
  24. Elizabeth Debicki is gorgeous.
    Tom Hiddleston as your date doesn't hurt either. I just want to watch The Night Manager
  25. I wish I liked this.
    Karlie, you're beautiful. But why the cutouts
  26. Her cape on the other hand....
  27. Love Jessica Chastain. Love the dress.
  28. Train? Black and white? Beautiful shape? Ugh, too good
  29. I appreciate Zayn's metal arms
  30. Perhaps the best Bella has ever looked
    Hair is down. Dress is dramatic and classic at the same time.
  31. THIS is how you go all out for the biggest fashion event of the year
  32. Always love a three-piece suit
  33. I oddly like this
  34. Like the dress, not a fan of the haie
  35. Alison Brie was on point
  36. Love
  37. I did not recognize Emma Stone with that hair. Also, is she trying to go for the Xena vibe?
  38. This is too artsy for me to understand
  39. Kanye wore jeans and heeled boots. Let that sink in
  40. I like the dress. I like the bold red lip. I like that there's a political figure at the Met Gala
  41. Simple. Pretty
  42. Adriana Lima in a sparkly tea length dress? Very pretty
  43. Jenna Lyons, you are TOO good
    Personally though, I think Lena Dunham is overrated and kind of annoying.
  44. She looks glam and comfortable