1. La Sirena (NYC)
    Very laid back for a Michelin star restaurant. Pastas were on point. And service was so friendly!
  2. Marea (NYC)
    Thoughtful service, delicious food, and a Bruce Springsteen sighting all add up to a magical night.
  3. Jean-Georges (NYC)
    Delicious. Theatrical. Filling. Did I say delicious? Too bad it's at Trump International.
  4. The Modern (NYC)
    I did a List review of it. Tl;dr it's very very good, and not as stuffy as Jean-Georges (which is "dinner jacket required")
  5. Café China (NYC)
    Their hot oil wontons, mapo tofu, Dan Dan noodles, and tea-smoked duck are all very good. But I remain partial to Wu Liang Ye (just personal nostalgia factor).
  6. Del Posto (NYC)
    TBH, I was here for a corporate event. But I still had some of the best salmon I've ever had. And delicious bombolonis.
  7. Peter Luger Steakhouse (NYC)
    There are no words for how amazing this place is. I went to Ruth's Chris later on to see what steak is like elsewhere, and it just got left behind in the dust. Just, so good.
  8. Sushi Yasuda (NYC)
    AH. MAIZE. ING. That is all.
  9. Torishin (NYC)
    Pretty good yakitori, but I couldn't figure out what merited a Michelin star. They did have amazingly smooth sake, though.
  10. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal (London)
    That meat fruit. That pork chop. That pork belly. It was all so good.
  11. Amaya (London)
    Honestly some of the best Indian food I've ever had. The interiors were lovely too.
  12. Fujiya 1935 (Osaka)
    Quiet interiors. Groundbreaking courses. Lovely service. Very young chef. I want to go back.
  13. Hyotei (Kyoto)
    Not great, TBH.
  14. Kikunoi Honten (Kyoto)
    Very very good kaiseki. And the staff is so friendly!
  15. Nahm (Bangkok)
    Food was beyond spicy, but also beyond tasty.