1. Audrey Hepburn
    Roman Holiday and Sabrina first piqued my interest in 1950's and 1960's fashion. Her dramatic haircuts didn't hurt either. Her black lace dress+mask combo inspired my 2015 Fall Ball costume
  2. Claire Underwood
    Also short hair, but much more accessible. Her wardrobe shows that "minimalism" doesn't have to mean "boring," just as "professional" can go hand in hand with "alluring." First impressions are everything, and she can convey steely ambition before she needs to say anything.
  3. Karlie Kloss
    Casual, yet chic. Being a world-famous model doesn't mean you have to wear outlandish trends all the time.
  4. Christine Lagarde
    Accessories are the name of the game: her Hermes scarves and Kelly bag add polished punch to her power-suit. Female politicians have the double-burden of proving our competence (in a way men rarely do), and look good while doing it. Ms. Lagarde has satisfied both prongs, repeatedly.
  5. Susan Cernek
    Fashion-forward without being scary/unattainable. Eclectic, yet classic. Always enviable.