Not All Desserts Are Created Equal

They're just not.
  1. Cheesecake
    Food of the effing gods.
  2. Cupcakes
    No. It's dry, but with icing that gets all over the place, and is just generally hard to eat
  3. Ice cream
    I like it at home. I like it on brownies. I like it on pies. But if this dessert is going to be featured on a menu at a professional restaurant, it better be damn special.
  4. Chocolate mousse/cake/brownie
    Always acceptable
  5. Pie
    Love blueberry and apple and blackberry and pecan. Key lime is meh. Will never understand rhubarb.
  6. Cannoli
    Oh hey there sweet thing
  7. Tiramisu
  8. Cookie
    See above, re: ice cream
  9. "Selection of cheeses"
    I love cheese, but I prefer it as an appetizer or as part of my main dish. Dessert's gotta be sweet
  10. Green/red bean soup
    Favorite of Chinese restaurants. Has and continues to weird me out.