Not-so-humble Brag: Famous People I Have Seen in the Flesh (an Ongoing List)

In chronological order
  1. Eliot Spitzer (2007)
    Back when he was still governor. Freshman year of high school.
  2. Cornel West (2011)
    Freshman year of college. Walked through the snow for him.
  3. Barack Obama (2011)
    Al Glick Field House, freshman year of college. I waited for hours in the cold for him, and I have no regrets. I'm a female political John Cusack.
  4. Grace Lee Boggs (2013)
    Junior year of college. Was at first reluctant, because it was mandatory for class and I wanted to spend time with my then-boyfriend (now-ex who I realized was a learning experience in the worst way). But so glad I went because this woman is flat out amazing.
  5. Bryan Cranston (2014)
    Broadway, "All the Way." He was really good.
  6. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (2015)
    4th row of Hill Auditorium, senior year of college. She wore velvet pants, high heeled boots, lace gloves, and the same green earrings she's wearing in her official SCOTUS portrait
  7. Matthew Broderick (2015)
    Subway glances
  8. Super Junior (2015)
    I was at customs at Kansei Airport in Japan and looked up to find a wall of paparazzi and screaming girls. I find out that a famous K-Pop star is standing right behind me in line at customs.
  9. Bernie Sanders (2016)
    Washington Square Park, first year of law school. His Brooklyn accent is endearing.
  10. Lin-Manuel Miranda (2016)
  11. George Takei (2016)
    Saw him "Allegiance"
  12. Elena Kagan (2012 & 2016)
    First time: from the balcony of the Power Center, sophomore year of college. Second time: shaking her hand at a reception, first year of law school
  13. Sonia Sotomayor (2015 & 2016)
    First year of law school. The auditorium had a lighting problem too. And then again the day after the 2016 Election
  14. The guy who plays Bart Bass (2016)
    Glances at the Met
  15. Gloria Steinem (2016)
    She came, I checked her in, handed her a program, and told her to enjoy the show.
  16. Isabella Rossellini (2016)
    I was taking the LIRR to Bethpage. She was (probably) taking it to the Hamptons.
  17. Andrew Ross Sorkin (2016)
    I was on the phone. He was on the phone. I gave an awkward stare as I was trying to figure out if it was him or a doppelganger. He maintained puzzled eye contact.
  18. Chris Hayes (2016)
    My friend and I were at a swanky book release party in Chelsea, when he walked in. I thought he looked familiar and it took a moment before I realized who he was.
  19. Karlie Kloss (2016)
    Sitting in Washington Square Park, 2L year of law school. She was as tall as expected; wearing a striped crop top and cropped jeans, and was jogging with a mic in hand with a camera behind her.
  20. Jenna Lyons (2016)
    Prince Street, NYC. I was wearing a bright pink J. CREW coat. She was wearing a leopard print coat, camo pants, chunky heels, her signature thick glasses and hair pulled back. She walked into Dean & Deluca and browsed flowers. I was starstruck and did not have the courage to ask for a picture.
  21. Aziz Ansari (2016)
    He walked past me on Mercer Street.
  22. Anderson Cooper (2017)
    He lives down the street from me, but now I've finally spotted him. He's very good-looking in real life, as he is on TV.
  23. Loretta Lynch, Bryan Stevenson, Sherrilyn Ifill (2017)
    NYU Law's inaugural event for their Center on Race, Inequality, and the Law. They were measured, inspiring, and motivating. Together, they instilled in me hope...and a game plan.
  24. Casey Neistat (2017)
    He was filming something on my street. I have no idea what he's famous for, just that he has a Wikipedia page.
  25. Bruce Springsteen (2017)
    Was sitting at dinner when he walked in, wearing a wrinkled shirt and neckerchief. Being New Yorkers, none of the restaurant patrons batted an eye.
  26. Preet Bharara (2017)
    Walked out of a law school building after a long day of studying, and I saw him on the curb talking to some other professors.
  27. Dilone (2017)
    I was stuffing my face at Little Cupcake Bakeshop on Prince Street, and she comes in with her dog while dressed in sweats. She's very tall.
  28. Rachel Maddow (2017)
    Walking down 6th Ave for lunch on a Friday. It was boiling hot, but she was still wearing her trademark blazer.
  29. Ari Melber (2017)
    He was on a date, sitting a few tables from mine at Boucherie.