I've done a lot of eating and a lot of thinking
  1. Waiting times of over 20 minutes are rarely justified
    Clinton St. Baking Co is famous for their waiting times (an hour, minimum). Granted, their pancakes and warm maple butter are delicious. But an hour? No. I can list the places that are truly deserving of such long lines on one hand. Those places are: Frita Batidos (Ann Arbor), Egg Shop (NYC). That's it.
  2. Food carts are amazing
    Some people fear their cleanliness. Others think they're tourist traps. Have no fear! They are delicious, and eating from a food cart has never given me a stomach ache. Halal carts are my personal favorite
  3. Great salads exist. But still uncertain if they warrant the hype.
    They're just....leaves.
  4. Great sandwiches exist. They warrant the hype.
    Even the lowly and simple grilled cheese is magically elevated. Maybe through excess butter. Maybe through better bread or cheese. Maybe through fantastic side ingredients.
  5. "Sparkling or still?" = most misleading question
    Both will cost you $12. The trick is to ask for tap water. It's free.
  6. Fanciness is overrated