This will be an ongoing list
  1. "Not to brag, but...."
    You're bragging.
  2. "My favorite excerpt in the Yale Law Journal, which cited me...."
    Enough said
  3. "Did I mention I worked on this case?"/"I'm cited in this decision."
    Professor talking about two separate Supreme Court cases, in the same class.
  4. "Verisimilitude"
    Heard in class. Don't even remember the context, just the word. And how seamlessly the professor incorporated that word, as if he were just saying a casual thing. Take heart, high schoolers: you will use SAT words in real life.
  5. "Why don't they host their reception closer to us so we don't have to walk!?"
    We were on W. 4th. The reception was on E. 13th. The reception was also exclusively for us. If we have the privilege and benefit of having an event just for us, it's a bit much to complain about having to walk fewer than 10 blocks to that exclusive event.
  6. "You won't have trouble finding a job, you're a student at [name of institution].
    A particularly unhelpful answer to a concerned admitted student's question at a particular school uptown (ahem). The admitted student was not thrilled. Thankfully, me and my colleagues stepped in with better information, proving once again that downtown > uptown.
  7. "Stanford's median LSAT is pretty low...."
    Heard at a party on a Friday night. The number he was referring to was a 169, 96th percentile.
  8. "An August institution"
    Heard in class. Context: describing what a great news source the Associated Press is
  9. "She only got into her second choice school, she was devastated."
    Heard from a conversation between two women, presumably 30's and professionals. Context: the second choice school was Spence, an upper east side high school.
  10. "Pugilistic"
    Professor describing President Andrew Johnson's, ahem, combative speaking style.
  11. Two girls behind me in class discussing Birkin and Kelly bags, and Louboutin heels