1. Jams (1414 6th Ave, New York, NY)
    The starters were inoffensive. The entrees were tragically bad (tasteless gnocchi with absurdly salty nduja and oddly sour sauce!?). Cheesecake at dessert was fine, but not enough to compensate for it all.
  2. Frankies 570 Spuntino (570 Hudson Street, New York, NY)
    Nothing was bad. But everything was disappointing, from the paper thin ravioli with weak sauce to the crumbly cheesecake.
  3. Friend of a Farmer (77 Irving Place, New York, NY)
    Quite literally the worse breakfast sausage I've ever beheld; I took one bite and I wanted to spit it out. The Apple pancakes are good though.
  4. Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe (55 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY)
    Controversial entry, I know. It's supposed to be cute and healthy and all that good stuff. But it's cute to a point where it's weirdly tight inside despite the ample natural lighting. And the food is pretty decent, but I can't imagine waiting in the weekend lines for it (I went on a weekday morning with no wait).
  5. Afternoon Tea at the Savoy Hotel (Strand, London WC2E 0EU, UK)
    Everything looked pretty. But nothing was "amazing." It was all rather forgetful, especially considering the price and the iconic location. (And it is possible to have delicious things at expensive/iconic locations. Two examples in London include Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and The Delaunay.)
  6. Bagatelle (1 Little West 12th Street, New York, NY)
    Everything was good....but you only get two scallops with your entree. That's not okay.
  7. Gramercy Tavern (42 20th Street, New York, NY)
    Not that this was awful, but it was so so so so incredibly disappointing. Things were overly salty or came with weird sauces.