Top Recs: Restaurants, NYC

I've eaten at a lot of places, but these are my favorite
  1. Sushi Yasuda
    Reservation-only. Expensive. Sit at the bar, and enjoy the fish. It's life-changinf
  2. Tomoe
    Cheaper sushi option, but still fresh and delicious. Good lunch options too.
  3. Lupa
    Phenomenal pastas. And phenomenal desserts.
  4. Meatball Shop
    They do meatballs, and they do them well. And the ice cream sandwiches are so filling and decadent. (That's a good thing.)
  5. Wu Liang Ye
    Authentic Chinese in NYC. It's a miracle.
  6. Peter Luger
    Thank goodness for cows and butter
  7. Egg Shop
    Yes, it's new and popular (among normal people and supermodels [Karlie Kloss] alike). But the breakfast here is so good. Chai French toast and Benedict are both solid options.
  8. The Smile
    Really really good breads. And the best breakfast sandwich I've ever had.
  9. Murray's Cheese Bar
    ALL. THE. CHEESE. And the grilled cheese. And the mac and cheese.
  10. Le Coucou
    The hype is real. I came here for dinner in January, and everything was delicious
  11. Maialino
    Best croissant I've had in New York, found in their Brunch pastry basket.
  12. Lafayette
    Best hot chocolate I've ever had in my life. Also, massive brunch portions. And an amazing burger.
  13. Boucherie
    Old school French feel. Massive portions. Delicious food.