A list of Emojis LOL
  1. The one with the face.
    Haha such a funny face! I maybe use this emoji up to 3,000 times a day.
  2. The purple food thing.
    Anytime I'm hungry I send the purple food emoji to my 4 different friends. Sometimes they send it back, which means that they're also hungry.
  3. Tiny dot with firecracker face.
    Not sure what this one is for, but I like the way it looks when it's followed by 10 exclamation points.
  4. Open door with ostrich foot.
    We all LOVE this one!
  5. Granny's goldfish soup.
    This emoji just brings me back to when I'd eat helping after healing of my own Granny's goldfish soup!
  6. Cranky railroad employee.
    Why's he so cranky!? lol. Relatable tho.
  7. Fancy but broken toaster.
    Love using this emoji to show how frustrated I am sometimes.
  8. And of course, the Greg emoji.
    So proud of my friend Greg for getting his own emoji.