From a girl who has been nannying two year olds for way too long.
  1. Lie down with a water bottle and stuffed animal
    The water bottle MUST have a straw to sip through. We are trying to reactivate your oral stage, people!!!
  2. Play Doh
    You can't be an adult while trying to form a cupcake from a blob of delicious-smelling chemicals.
  3. Arts and crafts
    I'm particularly fond of the good old "tape a toilet paper tube to a paper plate and call it an elephant" craft
  4. Trains
    One of my favs. Connect the wooden tracks ($10 at IKEA) and move your train by hand around your city.
  5. Eat snacks
    Snacks are a staple of childhood. Cosmic brownies, Teddy Graham's, those juice things in plastic tubes that you freeze into ice pops - eat them all, make a mess, and don't clean it up.
  6. Pretend to be someone you're not
    Speak with a new accent, or introduce yourself as somebody else to a stranger you'll never meet again. This sounds weird, but kids play make-believe all the time. This also can be a weird social anxiety reliever!
  7. Run around in circles
    Or spin in a desk chair, or drive around a deserted roundabout. Kiddos love make themselves dizzy as fuck.
  8. Skip rocks
    Kids and adults alike both have trouble with this, yet both seem innately driven to master the art of the skip.