These aren't really that embarrassing I just have a shitty memory and am great at blocking things out
  1. Peed my pants on the slide when I was 6
    Thankfully it was raining so I played it off as a puddle
  2. Jumped with so much enthusiasm in my parents' bedroom that the chandelier on the floor below me crashed to the ground
  3. Partied too hard at age 15 and had my friends carry my drunk ass down the stairs as I pretended I was Jesus on the cross
  4. Sneezed so profoundly into my elbow that snot landed in my hair
    Ok, this happens more often than I'd like to admit
  5. Woke up hungover with a black eye after 3 days being back at school
    I still don't know what I hit my face on
  6. Didn't know that spaghetti was meant to be twirled before eating it
    Finally my friend's mother explained the process to me after years of watching/laughing (all of my middle/high school friends are Italian and they all just sat there as I struggled)
  7. Enthusiastically enjoyed Taylor Swift's early country music