Books I Have Read More Than Once

I don't have time to read as I am always on the go, though I love a good audio book. These are the ones I I have listened to more then once😜
  1. The Hobbit
    I can't explain why though I love this story. I think that is because I can escape from my reality into the shire.
  2. Gone Girl
    I love this book because it actually take to the end to figure it out and really you may not even be close to how it ends.
  3. City of Bones
    The first time I keep thinking that I missed something so I read it and I totally fell in love with book and had to read the hole trilogy.
  4. In Cold Blood
    Truman Capote have alway intrigued me. I was so in awe of his writing and his life. I loved this book as it truly was an awful crime that was done. Though I felt like I got a pick into who Truman Capote was.