Guilty pleasures

These are things , places or movies or tv show that I watch, go too or things I buy.
  1. Chocolate
    Now when I say this I am not taking about any chocolate. I am taking about really good Swiss, German and Dutch chocolate. This is some of the best ever and it can be $$$. It is decadent, sinful, heavenly & divine all at the same time.
  2. A Gin Martini
    It has to be make with one of two gins, Bombay Blue Sapphire or Big Gin. These are my favorite Gins by far. Then it needs to be ICE cold a must with the right about of Vermouth swirled in the glass. Depending on my mood it is either clear like a A diamond or dirty. The last part it must have 3 green olives not one not two but 3!
  3. Big Trouble Little China
    This is the cheesesteak of movies with a hint off bad boys a girl who invokes love. I love this move on a rainy day when there is nowhere I need to be.
  4. Amazon
    I love everything Amazon and Prime just makes it better. I can get any shopping fix I need immediately on the spot from Amazon I can also get it shipped in one day if not within an hour!!!
  5. Rhinestones
    Any crown or pin that looks like crown I buy them. How can you rule the world with out one, just
  6. A really good wine
    This on of my favorite wineries and they put out a great wine but lately my biggest obsession and guilty pleasure is their mall Malbec.