Childhood Memories I Would Go Back and Relive 📂☀️

Inspired by @kate81
  1. Walking around the Aiken Mall with my mom, aunt, and their friend from work.
    It was fun but I don't remember too much of it.
  2. Sharing a room with my brother
    Don't get me wrong, I love having my own room but it was fun when we had a shared room. Some nights we'd lie upside down on our beds and laugh at how funny we looked.
  3. Going to Elementary School
    It was so simple then and so much easier making friends. I swear I got more shy as I got older.
  4. Calling my best friend, An'Ye
    When we were little, we would spend like 3 hours talking about whatever we had on our minds or playing Barbies. Yes, over the phone. It was so fun! But we both hated it when we had to hang up and get ready for bed.
  5. Sleeping in the living room and being the only one up.
    That's no different from now, lol, but I remember watching the kiddy shows like Dora the Explorer and the Backyardigans.
  6. Easter Egg hunts at Church
    It was so fun going against my best friend, Marjorie, and the other kids to run around and find the most eggs. Now, it's just putting the eggs where I think is good and seeing the other kids play.
  7. VBS at Church
    Again, more fun when you're a kid. The adults would come up with really fun stuff to do and then afterwards you could go on the water slide or bouncy house.
  8. Sneaking into my brother's room when were supposed to be asleep.
    At night, I'd sneak into my brother's room so we could talk until we got sleepy. It was weird but it was fun from the thrill of running from my room to his,which were literally right next to each other, before our parents caught us. They never really did. We were pretty good at being quiet.
  9. Going to my best friend, Marjorie's house
    We would get up secretly and play LPS (Littlest Pet Shops) and then go to sleep. We try to be quiet but I ended up using a "laughing pillow" so no one could hear me laughing.
  10. Watching movies with my family
    I remember watching The SpongeBob Movie (the first one) and me and my mom were coloring coloring books. It was fun because it was all of us. My dad, my mom, and brother with me.
  11. Going to @jhope71 (my aunt) house
    After church and we would have lunch and watch movies.
  12. Having Christmas at my grandparent's house
    The tradition with my mom's side of the family was to celebrate every holiday at my grandparents house. Each one was kinda fun but Christmas was the best! My brother and I had so many presents and the others would watch us open the presents.
  13. Spending the night at @jhope71 house
    We would watch kiddy movies, since I was pretty little, and make fun treats or crafts.
  14. There's more but that would be way too much to read. Lol