Famous People I Would Like to Meet One Day

Other than One Direction or any other band I like
  1. Will Ferrell
    And make sure my brother is with because he loves Will Ferrell.
  2. Selena Gomez
    I love her ❤️
  3. Demi Lovato
    I wish I could do her high notes. Lol
  4. Jim Carrey
    I've been watching his movies ever since I can remember and I love him so much ❤️
  5. Adam Sandler
    He's so hilarious!!!
  6. Kevin James
    I got to see him live once and he was even more funny. WAFFLE HOUSE (one of the jokes from the show) lol
  7. David Spade
    He's amazing
  8. Katy Perry
    She's purrrfect 😂
  9. Debby Ryan
    I loved her on Disney and she's just incredible
  10. Beyoncé
    Who doesn't want to meet her?
  11. Rihanna
    Love her. Work, work, work. 😂
  12. Norman Reedus
    I love him as Daryl on the Walking Dead. He's awesome. 😍
  13. And many more but that would make this list too long.