1. I dread going to school the next day
    I don't even understand why I decide to stay up late because of this...
  2. One Direction
    Even if they are on a break, I still stay up to look up good fan accounts or read imagines about them. (That's not weird... I hope)
  3. Stress
    Let's face it, most of this stress I blame on school. But it's probably more of me just thinking way too much
  4. Overthinking
    I know this kind of goes with stress but sometimes I just can't stop thinking at night so I can relax. I guess that's my problem every night.
  5. Netflix and Hulu
    Between watching New Girl, The Andy Griffith Show, and Grandfathered, I keep watching episodes after episodes and lose track of time. Which explains why it takes forever for me to do my homework as well.
  6. My phone
    I'm always reading on Wattpad or playing a game when I lie down in bed which causes me to fall asleep between 12 and 1 every night.
  7. Sometimes my laptop
    I love to write and it's so fun coming up with new story ideas and I need to type them up before I forget them but usually that ties in with my phone more.
  8. Wow, I have a problem...