Shows I Loved as a Kid

  1. Hannah Montana
    It was my life when I was little
  2. Wizards of Waverley Place
    Legit, the best show Disney ever had
  3. SpongeBob SquarePants
    Literally have been watching this ever since I was a baby. Probably gonna be watching when I'm 90.
  4. The Doodlebops
    Not gonna lie, was a good show. Might be really cheesy but funny. I don't watch anymore of course. Lol
  5. That's So Raven
    Honestly, I think my aunt liked it more than me but it was an amazing show
  6. The Fairly Odd Parents
    I still try to watch some of it on Hulu but I don't really like the new episodes
  7. Emperor's New School
    Two words: Loved it
  8. Drake and Josh
    Best show ever
  9. iCarly
    Amazing just like Drake and Josh
  10. Sonny With A Chance
    Good show, kinda cheesy though
  11. Dora the Explorer
    I was like 5 and I swear I just sat there and watched as she asked what was my favorite part. 😂