I literally have one friend who's a fan with me then my other friend is okay with it but some of my other friends don't really care
  1. You have inside jokes that make you're friends look at you weirdly.
    Me: We all took a 'chonce' on that test, didn't we? Them: What? Me: Ugh, never mind...
  2. They roll their eyes when you mention the band
    Me: Hey, guys, did I tell you about that time Harry fell on stage? Friend: *shakes head and rolls eyes* Me: oh, ok, never mind then.
  3. A member leaves and you're devastated but your friend just kinda thinks it's funny
    Me: Guys, Zayn left! 😭 Friend: Sorry, but it's kinda funny if you think about it. Me: How? Friend: 'Cause you're just overreacting over it. Me: I AM NOT!
  4. You see one of the members post a pic on Instagram
    Me: OMG, LOUIS JUST POSTED A PIC OF HIM AND CONCHOBAR! Friend: And? Me: oh, his baby's name is actually Freddie. Friend: So? Me: THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ME!
  5. When your favorite band is on break but there's still drama going around.
    Me: oh man, people keep saying they're not coming back. Friend: I thought hey we're over already. Me: no! They promised they would be back. Don't you dare question them! Friend: They are not back. Me: NOT LISTENING!