In no particular order
  1. Excitement
    Because everything Oprah is amazing!
  2. Hopefulness
    Is she nearby? Can I talk to her? Does she want to hang out with me?
  3. Curiousity
    What's Oprah doing right this very moment? Is she about to change my life?
  4. Giddiness
    She's just the best! She's about to blow my mind and give me the zen.
  5. Sadness
    Knowing I can't FaceTime her when I want or just go to her house to play super smash bros just breaks my heart I just want to be friends with her.
  6. Inspiration
    Yassssss guuurrrrllll yasssss! I can do it all!
  7. Comfort
    Everything about her makes you feel like you're getting an encouraging hug from her. \(- -)/