1. Devin The Dude
    Real name Devin Copeland, when he first started rapping he just went by Devin and was billed as such on various Rap-A-Lot releases. His debut album was called 'The Dude' and the layout of his name and the title in the artwork lead people to believe that his name was Devin The Dude. The name stuck and Devin started releasing music as Devin The Dude from 1999 onward.
  2. Silkk The Shocker
    The brother of Master P was first signed to No Limit as Silkk and named his first album 'The Shocker'. The album sold really well and he changed his name to Silk the Shocker.
  3. Boo Da Boss Playa
    Originally known as Boo, this Concentration Camp rapper released his debut album 'The Boss Player' in 1996 and spent the next decade releasing songs as different variations of his new name.