5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

I basically scrolled really fast and then poked on the screen. And that's the best "random" method I could do.
  1. Oh hey it's one of my first pictures of our new ragdoll cat Zuzu (who we kinda rescued and is 9)
  2. My friend Kolten doing some random shit idk. So far the random picture picking process is going well
  3. Okay here's a shopping bag full of ramen. Because apparently I have a picture of that. Random picture picking process has let me down
  4. My NBA 2K myCareer player is named Ruben and not Levi because the game doesn't have Levi in its system. But it has Ruben which is my middle name. So I chose that so that the announcers could scream my name when I score 100 points
  5. Ok this a good one. My old roommate has his head shaved by his older rowing teammates. Took it like a boss