This annoying shit is in every action movie
  1. A character is running on a bridge or street and the ground falls out from under them, they obviously fall to their death, but the camera rises and they're holding on to a pole or a plant or a ledge just over the edge of the cliff
  2. A vehicle is on its side or upside or its brakes are out, and it is skidding towards a cliff. Friction stops it just before it falls off, or while it's halfway off, and the character runs up the top of the vehicle while it is falling off and leaps to safety
  3. Villains hesitate to kill when the hero is cornered
  4. Character gets knocked out, audience forgets about them, they come back 15 minutes later to save the day
  5. Person falls running away from threat and instead of getting up, they kinda start crawling on the ground while looking back at the approaching monster/bad guy/zombie/wild animal, and only gets up and runs at the last moment
  6. Making fight scenes close up and shaky as fuck. And switching angles every half second. Goddamn, just keep the shot from 1 angle or something so I can see what the fuck is happening
  7. Showing the only funny parts of the whole movie in the trailer. Or showing too much plot in the trailer. Fuck trailers. Fuck movies.
  8. Cranking out transformers sequels.
  9. Casting 28 year old beautiful women as high schoolers or college freshmen. You're not fooling anyone and for some reason the movie is ruined. Take the chance, go with the inferior actor who looks her age, let her make a few mistakes.
  10. Pointless make out scenes. Who the fuck needs that. Is that art? Are you making art, snobby fucking director? Having two actors make out for 2 minutes of movie time? What does that fucking accomplish?
  11. When a character has notecards ready for his speech and starts speaking from them. Then gets all determines and throws away the notecards and speaks from the heart. So inspiring!!1!