I've been running since 7th grade, but I've only really considered myself to be a "runner" since junior year of high school, which is when running almost completely consumed my life. Fun fact: I didn't actually love running until college #fakeittillyoumakeit
  1. It gets me outside
    Being a college student, I spend much of my time either in class, studying, or in meetings for things, so it's nice that I have a section of my day that forces me to go outside (unless it's below 7 degrees, what a silly temperature).
  2. The people!
    Literally the most wonderful people you will ever meet are runners. No ifs ands or butts about it. I'm so grateful that I've been able to surround myself with interesting, happy, intelligent, passionate people and I wouldn't trade those friendships for anything.
  3. Runners high
    It's like drugs but 100% less expensive
  4. Competitive enemies
    I'm a pretty friendly person, and I pride myself on not getting angry or being mean, but sometimes it's nice to have an outlet for negativity. When I have a rival at a different school it's kinda fun to elevate it into something personal. Idk maybe that's shitty of me to do...