Spoiler alert!
  1. Disney Channel Original Movie "Motocrossed"
    A girl switches places with her twin brother to win a big motocross race. As one does. Bonus points for the punk-y "Legend of Billie Jean" haircut and the undercover bro-on-bro flirtation with a cute competitor. #DCOM4ever
  2. "The Parent Trap" (a la Lohan)
    Let's be honest. The Lindsay Lohan remake of the 1950s classic is all kinds of wonderful. Great supporting cast, awesome soundtrack, ridiculous British accents...
  3. "She's the Man"
    Another re-make of "Twelfth Night," with soccer instead of motocross and a younger Channing Tatum falling for Amanda Bynes.
  4. "Never Been Kissed"
    Drew Barrymore in her element as a geeky copy editor-turned-undercover reporter who goes back to high school to find a good story for the Chicago Sun Times. She falls for the charming English teacher who speaks to her words-loving heart (Mr. Coulson, swoon!) and gets a big monologue about popularity when she's outed at the prom.
  5. "The Lizzie McGuire Movie"
    Lizzie is on a school trip to Rome and gets mistaken for an Italian pop star. Shenanigans ensue when she agrees to step in for the pop star for a duet with the hunky Paolo. The blonde/brunette reunion on stage at the end to take down the (of course he's sleazy!) heartthrob is #girlpower with a surprisingly catchy pop tune. Tweak the script, change the foreign country and you get "Monte Carlo."
  6. "Dave"
    An underrated movie that should really be on TBS way more often. A mild-mannered small business owner who looks just like the President gets thrust into the White House when the real guy has a stroke. The big reveal in this case is with the First Lady, who falls for nice-guy Dave.
  7. "Mrs. Doubtfire"
    If you take out the funny Robin Williams bits, this movie is kind of depressing. But the make-up montage and that voice make it a classic. "It's a run-by-fruiting!"