Mid-90s TGIF horror, coming back to late night NickJr.
  1. That one where two campers venture into the super creepy woods (why?!) on the anniversary of the disappearance of three young girls.
    I'm pretty sure someone involved was wearing a sailor dress?
  2. That one where a ghost is trapped in a mirror, and a girl goes IN THE MIRROR to rescue it (her?) and finds "HELP ME HELP ME" written everywhere. I mean, Jesus.
    I feel like the twist is that the Good Samaritan rescuer then gets trapped and has to lure someone else in to take her place, in order to escape...but maybe I stopped watching because I was terrified and made that up...
  3. That other one with scary mirrors, except these mirrors are in an old resort and have powers to keep the innkeeper youthful...by sucking the souls from guests.
  4. The one where a girls goes to visit her friend, but the friend has gone missing. Spoiler: the missing friend is trapped inside a doll, in a dollhouse that looks just like her home. Shudder.
  5. A girl picks up some magic glasses at the magic store, and they let her see a parallel dimension with spooky things lurking around us...and then somehow all those spooky things get access to our world. Through a wormhole? The science seems sketchy.