Actual Reasons for a Phone Lock

The real reasons we type in a passcode or thumbprint every flippin day
  1. If someone steals my phone, it will totally prevent them from getting in (sets passcode to 1234)
  2. Your friends would otherwise take your phone and constantly take annoying snapchat videos (they already know your passcode)
  3. To hide things from your significant other (has nothing to hide; also gives them passcode)
  4. Everyone else is doing it (probably the most accurate and actual reason)
  5. A phone reading your thumbprint feels technologically advanced (reads it right 50% of the time)
  6. To hide things from your parents (who need to be walked through texting step-by-step...."what's an emoji?").
  7. So you can occupy a child with the notion of holding a cellphone without having them accidentally call everyone #nannylife
  8. It invents an instant guessing game for everyone else