I got this idea from a magazine in which Chelsea Handler did this. But now I have to come up w 25 things & Im kind of an open book as it is.
  1. I shove my sock inbetween my big toe & that toe next to it. I can't stand them touching.
  2. I cannot sit w both feet on the ground (no matter location; car, restaurant, public bench .. anywhere) I will literally kick off my shoes & bust out indian style or one leg up .. anything really for maximum comfort. Even a crossed leg is nice.
  3. There's a mugshot out there of me. I once got arrested for underage drinking. Im a real class act.
  4. My favorite candy are pixie stix!
  5. My favorite drink is Kolaid. I like sugar.
  6. Im a night terror. Literally. Nightly. Shaking, screaming, sweating, demon dogs. Whole nine yards.
  7. Im really nice, literally, until you piss me off, again literally. & I don't hold grudges, but once Im done w you. Im pretty much done w you. No hard feeling just moving along. Positively.
  8. I am superstitious to the extreme. Like I'm convinced the world is out to get me.
    If something gives me a bad vibe no can do !
  9. My toes are always painted the same color. Year round. A bronze or gold. Sinful colors. I never change it up.
  10. I hate nightclubs.
  11. My favorite store is .. RAINBOW.
    But you already knew that.
  12. Serendipity is like my favorite movie.
    It's always on tv at key points in my life & I think that is just magical 💫
  13. I'm convinced my subconscious rules my life. But I do not like to face things.
    I prefer to ignore & move along.
  14. If I could look like anyone. I would look like Mary-Kate & Ashley bc I think they have great features I could work w. Blonde pretty hair, pretty skin, big green eyes, nice brows.
    Or Alessandra Ambrosio.
  15. I have some secrets. I don't think you would expect.
    But Im cool w it. & I am now very thankful for the ups & downs. 🙏🏼
  16. I think I am mentally tough &/or strong.
    I may actually pride myself on that or maybe just keeping it together at bad times. (Although I may fall apart to you, the reader, Taseanna lol)
  17. Im kind of a down ass bitch.
    Im pretty loyal. Overall.
  18. I love buying other people stuff !
    Gifts !! I wish I had enough money & it was appropriate to buy a gift for someone everytime I came across something I know they would appreciate.
  19. I blow dry my hair w the lights out.
  20. I do not wear perfume.
  21. My phone is on the lowest level of brightest, unless I need to really see something.
  22. I hate my teeth !!!!!!
    Like why are they so big. Omg.
  23. I have really warm blood. Therefor mosquitos love me.