Currently I do not trust you.
  1. If that is what you want to do & those are the type of people you want to associate yourself w then you need to go do that. I will remove myself. I am too good for that.
    But please remember your 29 years old & your hanging around 22 yr olds. You do not look cool. You look like a loser. You might as well be hanging out w John & his bad news friends. I do not have to whore myself out to get attention & I certainly do not have to get pregnant to keep a man (boy) around.
  2. I told Danielle that night how proud I am of you w Star & that situation.
  3. Your immature. You 29. Its time to grow up. Stop playing games & acting out & like a child.
  4. I have your back. Im loyal to you. If someone says something bad ab you. I defend you.
    You just humiliate me. When out of all the people you know you are the one w the most (not to boast) to be proud of. HELLOOO.
  5. Mike vs. Michael (explain 🙄)
    If you haven't noticed everyone likes MICHAEL. I want you. I want the you I know & love. Not this dumb act you put on thinking your cool. — I realize now that I wouldn't be who I am today without you. Its simply not my world without you in it. My friends always tell me how strong I am. I wouldn't be strong without you. You are a part of me now, whether I like it or not.
  6. I never see you. Its ridiculous.
  7. I don't know how many times I have to say this I have never put any pressure on you (insert funny limerick ab what a freak out psycho he is). I could care less what my sister & people around me are doing.
    Im focused on us. & Im sick of your hamster wheel games. Thats where Im at.
  8. I don't want to be in something thats not going anywhere & to you this is just a game. Im not the stop along the way, Im the destination.
    I also don't want to constantly have to worry that your going to revert back to your old ways.
  9. You have no idea how to communicate how you actually feel. You put on a front for everyone thinking your cool but its not cool. Its immature.
    You always wanted to know the reason why I stuck by you through all that mess. The reason is bc I knew that wasn't really you. Just like I do now I just ignore what you say bc I know thats not how you really feel.
  10. Everything will be going great. & then things will go the slightest bit wrong & you disconnect & everything goes to hell. Instead of just letting it go or pass or dealing w it & avoiding all that & enjoying yourself & being happy !
    You could have it ALL. But you choose not to. I have communication problems too.
  11. Why do you deny yourself happiness? Why are you afraid of love? Its like you think your undeserving & thats why you revert back to these trashy people. When you already have it all.
    Allow yourself to be happy & get some normal.
  12. Static
  13. You've been in the wrong so long.
    You don't even know right.