1. Rachel Rouans parents (congrats on wedding)
  2. Family Pics w Spiders (spider took off during pics, Fredericks ideas, for Gma Mary)
    Correction: Snake!
  3. Family survived 2 near death experiences 1. Hide out due to John had a gun he was going to shoot 2. Earthquake 3. Me, Donna, John, Russ (who was a veteren) some others, & major black actors & actresses. After hiding out for YEARS finally freed
  4. Gradmas neighborhood
  5. New floral department. Organize it!!
  6. Im going to be famous ..
  7. Danielle on drugs.
    On Sterling I tell.
  8. St. Pats day w Highschool friends.
    Raquel comes ?
  9. Cafeteria, TStorms, Umbrellas blowing
    (Dad, Kalei, Kara, Alissa)
  10. Grandma telling me she can't make me lunch
  11. Work for cops ? Going to prison under cover for Karen ? Are you scared of your job ? No bc if I would think ab it. I would be.
  12. Went to prison w 16 prostitutes. Not a prostitute. Uncover deal. Seating on bus ??
  13. Was in Pitts./Bman where I worked at Ge. Was suppose to meet my family at Wedgewood Pizza for dinner ? On way home police set up all these speed traps. Causing a gas truck to flip over. Spilled all over city everyone was scared of explosion. So me, Jordan (bc she had kids) & my family leave cars & run as far away through all kind of buildings ..
  14. & hospitals & such until we find are finally so far away from explosion. Then Jordans bf picks her up. & my family stays at a spanish hotel ? & goes out to dinner. Also text Saja ab brows & her apartment & car were destroyed by gas.
  15. Victoria Secret, Inner Circle break room bar. At work.
  16. Usual malls & school.