I apologize for any typos or abbreviations. I write these when I am literally half asleep. LIT.
  1. 4th of July
    We move into amazing laid out house DL Pool, track. So we have 4th olympics family & PPL friends. TG. Running, baseball. Banners. I have Matt, Carla breakdown & hows shes ditching me for them. She used to do all rhis stuff w me now Matt.
  2. Mike. Waking up SO mad.
    2nd dream of him c******* on me. But then wanting me back.
  3. Bad Sams Club !!!!!
  4. 90s or 80s. Idk. Cali. CUTE black bf. Love of my life. After yearsssss like pushing a decade he cheats on me. I end up finding a hot italian ? W tats. I marry him have kids. Very happy. Move away.
    Kardashians & other rich & wild friends. Rich. I have dark hair. I may be italian or something.