1. Mike, high school, Cfield GE, love each other then, love each other now. Never grows old.
    He is my Chuch Bass. I love being high, just like being tipsy. "I love you Mike Martynyszyn. Always have always will. "
  2. I think I always dream of marrying Jake. Bc I'm scared if given the choice I would really choice Jake. Although I knew I wouldn't? If that makes sense.
    I think I was married to Jake in a past life & it didn't work out or something.
  3. I used to love the Pizza Hut buffet.
    I'm so in love w Mike & I think secretly he's so in love w him. Like secretly we're the so in love ones. We just play it cool. I think we make a great couple personally.
  4. One time me & Raquel were into Cyndi Lopper & A*Teens
  5. Remember my dream ab the crystal ball telling me my marriage won't be conventional but will work.
  6. This street to the west side to my Nana Jos is such a weird subconscious memory. It's always in my mind. So weird.
    So is the produce room where Mike & I used to hang out.
  7. I miss my friend Bobby so much. I loved him as a besty.
    Vicky. Best memories. Moms bday.
  8. I think I'm drunk. Jeans. I know I'm going to be a mom. To a bunch of girls. I feel it. Like everyone feels like it's going to be my year ! So I'm just going to be positive & be like ok !
    Vickys bday basement Luciano's. I was also into karaoke machines.
  9. That time when I said my fav vaca was the Canfield fair & drew a pic of a pool was the best. Like I pee every time.
    Lebron & Drake kicking it.
  10. I feel like I am going to be engaged this week. <- HAHAHA I meant this year ! Ha what the heck.
  11. I get so personally mad at Dan Humphrey.
    Tom it's suppose to rain ❤️️❤️️❤️️💯
  12. I really believe in the acting in GG. KaylaWilsons basement.