1. DPR "I'm fine" in doorway at Jeans.
    Right after passing.
  2. DPR "don't worry"
    Teal tee, jeans, belt. I was worried ab Mike at the time. Nothing major but you know.
  3. Baby. Holding baby (did not see face) at hospital. Mikes family was there & maybe my mom & sister.
    Or maybe she looked like Donna.
  4. Baby. Having baby who looked like Mike & saying "she looks just like her dad"
  5. Meditation: pregnant & getting married on beach. Boho theme. To Mike.
  6. Always Jake v. Mike dreams. This one I married Jake. Not exactly for love. There was some kind of reason. But he made it special.
    Also Andy was involved in this dream. Causing me trouble of course.
  7. Movies w adult Alexa, Sarah & Jocy Desalvo, Marc & Jay Lutz & Nicole. Some Biggie documentary. Marc Lutz loving me. Sarah Desalvo loving him. 7th grade.
    Jake enters later & I had to make a decision between him & Jake. & as adults I couldn't make it. Am I getting cold feet ?
  8. Me, Jonathan & Raquel have rager at my grandma & grandpas. Pool still there. It was night before Thanksgiving. They come home. My grandpa still alive & we are frantically trying to clean up.
    Jonathan & Tori have black baby ?
  9. I was Hailey Baldwin w all my model friends & there were these cute boys & the one & I had this connection & I really wanted to kiss him bc we had that connection. Well anyway we ended up having a secret love affair & it was fun !
  10. Mike came over for a sleepover at my old family house but my dad, Danielle & Matts daughter were there.