1. They are showing how each sis has changed over 10 years. Do you ever think ab how much you have changed over 10 years ?
    I lived at home. Then I lived w Danielle. Then I got kicked out. Thank you Mike. Then I moved back & was the happiest ever then basically got kicked out again. Then I had a bad adult year at home & now I'm moving out on my own & I am scared. Everything's changing. Key word: adult. I feel like I was a child until this year.
  2. Me & Mike are kind of like Kourtney & Scott. I've said it before but now I see it. Not as in their exact situations but like in their weirdness. & I kinda always thought we'd have a bunch of cute stylish kids out of wedlock but so far no 🙄😬 Like I really did. Maybe not a squad out of wedlock but 1. I want to be married now. Bc I deserve that.
    "You fell in love w someone whose a little fucked up"
  3. Khloe said that she realized she needed to put herself first when everyone else started getting married & having their own lives. ✋🏼
    But I hope I don't end up like her. But I get putting everyone else first.
  4. I will say ..
    They go through things we all go through & their lives are equally (more fucked up) than all of ours & it's good to watch ? & they made curves be in style. Which is culturally great.
  5. Families are crazy.