Life lessons from The Woman I Wanted To Be ..

Catchy title .. I know ;)
  1. From the get go ..
    Amen. Although I believe that you should not live in the past. I do not think you should be ashamed of it either. It has brought you to where you are today. Embrace the good & the bad. We all have it & after all it is your story :)
  2. ☝🏼️
  3. I love this kind of love. Trusting, fearless love. With both wings & roots. True love.
  4. Cont.
    That is why it is SO important to take care of yourself. First.
  6. MJ & JK
    I always said Mike was always like my bf OBV when Jake I didn't really get mad or anything bc he wasn't ? But it was def fun while it lasted. But that's prob why it didn't/couldn't !!
  7. I thought this went along ..